Part 2 on St Patrick’s Institution

More grim reports from St Patrick’s Institution for young offenders. A second series of statistics given to me reveals that three out of ten young men in the jail are on protection – for their own safety or the safety of others.

More problems at St Pat’s

A quarter of inmates are on ‘restricted regimes’, which involves incarceration in their cells for between 18 and 23 hours a day.

St Pat’s has the highest percentage of its inmates on protection and under restricted regimes compared to all other prisons, including notorious adult prisons like Mountjoy.

For my reports in the Irish Examiner today see…

It follows the first round of data the Prison Service gave to me, which showed that St Pat’s topped the table for the number of assaults between prisoners and assaults by inmates on staff. Previous reports..

A fuller picture on what’s happening in St Pat’s is contained in a special investigation by the Inspector of Prisons, whose report was submitted to the Department of Justice last June, but has not yet been published. Last month, the department told me they expected to publish it at the end of this month…


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