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Scratching down the words

Banged out 2,500 words in the last two mornings before work. Happy with that. Quantity there for sure. Some quality too, but it is a bit inconsistent, with some good parts, interspersed with some flat sections. Plenty of work to … Continue reading

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Pictures behind the story

I’ve taken snaps in the last couple of years, mainly random ones on my mobile phone, which tie in, in some way or another, with my novel. They are part of the context and the geography of it. They are … Continue reading

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The End in Sight

It’s a while since I blogged, but I haven’t just been scratching my proverbial. I actually banged out 14,000 words over two and a half days at the beginning of last week. That was thanks to a trip back to … Continue reading

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Not a great week for children

Too many examples this week, unfortunately, of what children are subjected to in twenty first century Ireland. On Tuesday night, an innocent schoolboy was lucky to escape with his life in a drive-by shooting in the Crumlin area of south … Continue reading

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Government’s troubled alcohol strategy

Oh, the joys of the Freedom of Information Act. It only took six months to get my response from the Department of Health. It’s supposed to take 20 days apparently. And most of the juicier stuff was refused, thanks to … Continue reading

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Sights, Smells and Sounds

If someone, dare I say a publisher, ever reads my crime novel and criticises it for the lack of ‘sights, smells and sounds’ in the story, I am the one who should come to a grisly end. One thing I’m … Continue reading

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Money for some, but not for others

Even with endless stories of people and charities struggling to cope because of lack of money and reduced funding, a comment made to me by a charity leader at a recent event hit home. It was the chairman of a … Continue reading

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