Second character dusted down

Banged out 1.7k words this morning. Got up early. No more scenes from the Exorcist in recent days from the kids’ bedroom, which helps!

Happy with the output this morn. Particularly given I’ve gone back to another character – the main one, I suppose, of the three main characters, if that makes sense. It’s many months since I’ve done anything with him, so it took me a bit of time as regards where to take off again with him.

He’s a coach for a football club and a second main character in the book – a young boy – plays at the club. The boy is sucked into a violent criminal gang and the coach is, on the face of it, trying to help him out. Where I am at the moment, is well into the book and the reader has discovered a number of things about the coach and his true motivations.

The chapter I just did brings the coach and the kid together again after a dramatic shooting scene in the book.

Anyway, just a short update, as I have loads of work in my actual job to do!


About Cormac O'Keeffe

I am writing my first novel. It's a crime novel, a thriller set in Dublin's gangland, along the evocative Grand Canal. This blog is about that bumpy journey. And other things, like fiction reviews and non-fiction reviews, many of them published in the Irish Examiner, a daily national newspaper in Ireland. I work as crime and drugs reporter there, and have been since around 2001. Both my personal life and my professional life have fed into my novel, or, rather, have been poured into it. My novel was granted a literature bursary by the Irish Arts Council in September 2014 and my journalistic work has won multiple awards from the Law Society of Ireland over many years, most recently in 2015.
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