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Reviews of the year

The murder plague in south Los Angeles. The global cocaine trade. The heroin and prescribed opiate epidemic in the US. And the one-man killing machine of Anders Breivik. All the subject matter of powerful and compelling crime books I read in 2015. And … Continue reading

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It ain’t done, till it’s done

So, this was the opening line in my last post: That’s it. No more excuses. Finish this novel and send it out by year’s end. Well, what can I say? Other than: That’s not it. I have more excuses. I won’t be … Continue reading

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Publishing Day

Glad I got my finger out on Friday and paid for the Publishing Day at the Irish Writers’ Centre http://www.writerscentre.ie/ on Saturday. While I know that what I really need to do is work on my novel, I felt the event … Continue reading

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Back on track

My God, it’s five weeks and more since I last posted on my blog. That’s bad enough, but what’s worse is that it reflects how little work I’ve done on my novel. I did a small amount for my last … Continue reading

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An awful week in crime

It has been a shocking week on the crime front. Four violent deaths in Dublin, bookended by two particularly appalling tragedies. In the early hours of last Saturday a German student Thomas Heinrich, who was attending Griffith College in the south inner city, was on the … Continue reading

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Sights, Smells and Sounds

If someone, dare I say a publisher, ever reads my crime novel and criticises it for the lack of ‘sights, smells and sounds’ in the story, I am the one who should come to a grisly end. One thing I’m … Continue reading

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Case of the missing shoes

All was going well this morning. Until the mobile rang. I had written around 800 words or so on two of my main characters – a football coach and a young boy on his team – when I saw my … Continue reading

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